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Working and trying to stay sane. I'm not just another twentyone year old finding herself. I know who I can be, who I want to be, and who I am. Now I just have to decide between the three.
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Human Error, Victoria Siemer

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer, also known as Witchoria, has an ongoing photography series updated weekly called Human Error in which the artist digitally overlays an existential or lovelorn computerized error message over a scanned Polaroid. The error message prompts the viewer for an action or to wait, illustrating the futility of this technological exercise when perceived in the context of heartbreak or ennui.



i am so happy

that elephant is a better artist then I am

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Hey, you should watch this if Native/Indigenous are of importance/interest to you. And if they aren’t of importance or interest to you then you’re probably a fuckin’ asshole.

This is our tribe, the Winnemem Wintu of Northern California.

We are not really a “Ghost Tribe”, since we are very much alive, despite Gold Rush murders, boarding schools, and the Shasta Dam, which flooded our beloved McCloud River homeland, wiped out our salmon runs, and stole our water.  We received none of the compensation promised in federal legislation.

Now the Water Mongers and Big Oil want to build the dam higher, and flood out more of our sacred sites, including the dance ground of our Coming of Age Ceremony.  Fresno US Representative Jim Costa (R) two weeks ago introduced a bill, co-signed by state Democratic congressmen, to raise Shasta Dam 18 feet higher.  The expected water will be used to feed the growing fracking industry in the Central Valley, as well as grow export crops in the desert and service massive housing developments in the desert.  This is all part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s “Brown Water Plan”, which includes destroying the California Delta with massive Twin Tunnels that could potentially draw off all of the Sacramento River’s fresh water, destroying the estuary, and the fish and other aquatic life that depend on it.

But we are not giving up.  We know it is our responsibility to continue to be Winnemem, to continue to sing for the Water, and protect the places that make us Winnemem.

We will not be drowned without a fight!

Please contact your congressperson and tell them that we are already the victims of uncorrected government injustice, and to vote NO on any plans to raise Shasta Dam.

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I know this is long, but I needed to share it.

I crave the kind of love
that chokes the tongue
with thickened words
and steals the heart beats
that throb in our throats.

You weren’t it.
You never were.

Michelle K., What More Can We Say? (via michellekpoems)

what the fffffffffffffffheck

me trying to be more family friendly (via spookyjacob)

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shes keen as fuck for the franko i don’t see who the victim is here

she’s underage and he’s a grown man? a grown man who KNOWS she’s underage? ? ??? ?? ?? ? ???????????????????????

oh my god


17 is the legal age of consent in NY and she is clearly very interested in having sex with him? I’m confused 

i wish i was the victim here tho!!!!!!!! #srynotsry

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Copeland - Untitled  (new song off of their upcoming record “Ixora” due out October 31st)

i cannot give you my heart,
but here is my hair.
it glows burgundy in the sunlight
from the time i dyed it with the
wrong shade of red.
it glows like velvet,
like wine,
like the shade of your cheeks
when you get embarrassed.

build velvet ropes out of my hair
to keep the thieves out of your heart, love.
remember that people like me will
always take things from you without giving back.

on your bad days, when everyone is leaving you,
when everything seems transient,
remember that permanence was not
what was promised the day you left
the warmth of your mother’s belly.

time will slip through your fingers,
wet as sand,
dry as seawater.

there is no use trying to hold it in your palms.
you will not see anything when you put your
eye up to your cupped hands.
you will only see darkness.

learn how to dunk your head into it.
learn that the easiest way to warm up in
cold water is by getting your hair wet.
learn how to swallow it.
learn how to let your body suck all the seconds
out of the waves of the hours,
of the ocean of the days.

9:10 a.m. (Day 1/30)

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